Discover Your Bounce Online

taught by Nicky Marshall

Course description

The Bounce Programme is a 6 part foundation course for you to create health and happiness today!

Sessions 1-3: Inner you (mind, body and spirit)
We will look at where you are now and where you would ideally like to be with some intention setting.

Sessions 4-5: Everyday life (your home, your work, relationships and money)
We will look at the how the external environment causes stress in your life and ways to manage the level of impact including practical tools for overcoming challenges.

Session 6: Vision (establishing routines and planning ahead)
We will look further into keeping the routines you have enjoyed creating during the course, and establishing a firm vision for a healthy, happy future you!

Nicky Marshall
Nicky Marshall
Course Creator

Seven years ago I suffered a stroke after a routine day's scuba diving. The root cause was stress and overwhelm - I had a 12 week old business and four growing up teenagers. I was business savvy, educated in holistic therapy and stress management - and yet still with all that knowledge I ended up in a life threatening situation.

Within three years and after a lot of soul searching, nurturing and education I was fit, able to dive again - and passionate about using my experiences to help as many people as I could through this very course!

To date we have helped thousands of people, our methods are easy, tried and tested and these simple routines will absolutely change your life for the better!