Course Description

Life can be challenging! Our current environment can cause sleepless nights, rising stress levels and fatigue from the constant change. How would you like to be resilient? To have the ability to bounce back from anything? To create more energy and a strong vision?

My Wellbeing Club is your one stop shop for wellbeing. A host of resources to keep you physically and mentally well in the most challenging of times, in formats to suit you.

As this is a monthly membership new content will be added each month.

Here's what you get:

*An access all areas pass to pre-recorded workshops, meditations, affirmations and expert interviews on a wide range of wellbeing,leadership and business topics.

*The My Wellbeing Starter Kit.

*A private FB group to discuss workshops and stay on track.

*Monthly progress and catch up calls.

*Two minute topics for when you are on the go!

"As a professional accountant, driven by exams, studying, deadlines all my life it’s been really great to be part of the DYB community through a short break in employment due to redundancy and COVID lockdown. Well-being has not been high enough up on my priority list and for a newbie to this topic Nicky and Sharon’s approach has been very sensible, approachable, do-able, non-judgemental and pragmatic and I’ve really benefitted from it.  Also affordable too - often I get people offering to help me, but for a 4 figure sum.

I realise that self care/wellbeing is something that needs worked on ongoing basis - it’s not going to be something that you just do once. It’s like a plant that needs to be fed. And Nicky and Sharon’s approach means that I can continue to learn as I continue my well-being journey.

Workshops are engaging and short punchy sessions. If I’ve attended a session before, then I can attend again as I will undoubtedly pick up something new or get a valuable reminder next time around."

Liz Blackburn

Course Creators

Sharon Critchlow and Nicky Marshall

Sharon and Nicky share a passion: to help people to develop and to promote more wellbeing - in the workplace and beyond!Sharon is an ILM Level seven coach, created and sold a seven figure business and has lived through health challenges. She is passionate about helping people to be the best they can be.Nicky has had over twenty years in the holistic, wellbeing and stress management industry and loves to make a difference.After suffering a stroke eight years ago and making a full recovery, she knows what stress and overwhelm feel like and works with people to find practical. every day solutions.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    My Wellbeing Starter Kit

  • 3

    Wellbeing Resources

    • My Wellbeing Mantras

    • My Wellbeing Top Tips

    • Mental Health Awareness

    • Mental Health Support

    • Suicide Support

    • Apps For Relaxation

  • 4

    Meditations and Affirmations

  • 5

    Wellbeing Workshops

    • Mind: Train Your Brain to Combat Stress

    • Body: Body Boosts

    • Spirit: Emotional Intelligence Part One

    • Spirit: Emotional Intelligence Part Two

    • Spirit: Emotional Intelligence Part Three

    • Vision: Goal Setting 101

    • Sleep Workshop

    • Vision Board Workshop

  • 6

    Expert Interviews

    • Interview with Sharon and Nicky

    • Nutrition Interview with Laura Clark

    • Personal Branding Interview with Danny Matthews

    • Sleep Interview with Giles Watkins

    • How To Create A Positive Experience On Social Media with Todd

    • Talking Anxiety With Nick Elston

    • Be Klutter Free With Katie Killoran

    • Wellbeing Through Art With Su Melville

    • Your Money Story with Fanny Snaith

    • Overcoming Overwhelm by Mary MacRory, Author of Women, Work and Wellness

    • Talking Menopause with Jules Hellens

    • Introduction to Fitness with Paris Troy

    • Introducing NLP with Fenella Hummus

    • Introducing Biophilia and our connection to nature with Naomi Stone